Administration Department

The department is responsible for Accepting information from students, Add details of students, Maintaining students fees accounts, Add details about new recruitments, Separate database for different departments, Accounting information of staff or employee.

Key administrative responsibilities

  • Admissions
  • Maintenance of official records
  • Maintenance and audit of financial flows and records
  • Maintenance of the campus grounds
  • Safety and security of people and property on the campus
  • Maintenance and construction
  • Student services such as disability services, career counselling and library staff.

EDP Department

Electronic Data Processing Department of Karmayogi Polytechnic College is functioning with the objective of managing all the IT related functions & computer network of the college. The department at present is managing full functional IT infrastructure, 12 servers, 2 storages, Desktop terminals & printers spread over various departments.

Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Department is dept. which provides internet browsing and email facility to the campus. Institute has 10 MBPS internet lease line which is freely available 24 hours & unlimited download under Symantec Antivirus (campus licenses) on each computer.

The Karmayogi EDP Department has a highly sophisticated system consisting of:

Server platform:
IBM System X3650 M3
Dell PowerEdge M1000e Enclosure & Blade Center
Dell PowerEdgeT410

Network Platform:
Cisco Catalyst Gigabyte Switches
Cisco 2900 Series Router
Juniper 2400 Layer 3 Switches
D link 1200 Series Gigabyte Switches
D-Link/Cisco Wireless APs

Operating systems:
Windows Server 2008/2003
Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000

Seagate 4 TB

Data Base Servers:
SQL Server 2008
SQL Server 2005

Hardware Firewall:
FortiNet 300C Enterprise Firewall
Symantec Campus License

Mr. Vinod Gajare, MCA
EDP Manager

Technical Support Member:
Mrs.Vidya Shejwal