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It is the branch of engineering which deals with current conduction through a vacuum, gas or semiconductor & communication is the oldest branch of electronics that deals with sending, receiving & processing of information at long distance by electronic means. Our department is the one of the best department of college known for well equipped laboratories & classrooms.

Our department has eight major laboratories such as:- Basic Electronics Lab, Communication Lab, Microprocessor Lab, Control System Lab, Electrical Lab, PCB Lab, Departmental Computer Lab. Electronics Engineering is one of the largest & fastest growing fields of engineering. It covers a wide range of applications which make our life easier & enjoyable such as Television, radio, computer & Tele-communication.

Electronic has a major role in improving productivity in different fields such as:-Communication & Entertainments: - Telephony, Television, Teletex, Mobile, DTH., Defense: - Radar, Guided missile, Coded communication, Industry: - Automatic Control, Computer, Medical Science: - Electron Therapy, X-ray, Electron Microscope, Instrumentation: - Precision measurement, CRO, PH meter.


To create and maintain learning environment to produce Engineers who shall maintain professional integrity to serve the society with the knowledge and skills earned.

  • To shape future technocrats for planning, designing, constructing and maintaining the Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering projects for public and private sector organizations.
  • To upgrade knowledge base of practicing engineers.
  • To strive to find cost effective and sustainable solutions in various disciplines of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering to improve quality of life.
  • To create professionals with national character and achiever generation for stronger India.


Sr. NoName Qualification Designation
1Mr. Kanase Ajit BajiraoM.E.,MBA Principal
2Miss. Kulkarni Trupti Madan B.E. HOD
3Mr. Palimkar Vyankatesh Vitthal B.E. Lecturer
4Mr. Admile Nandkumar Sushen B.E., M.E. Lecturer
6Mr.Jokar Shruti Jagannath B.E. Lecturer
7Mr.Karawa Shailesh Balkisan B.E., M.E. Lecturer

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